Sunday, October 3, 2010


in class i really want to talk about bullying and how as teachers were going to handle it, because im really not sure how id handle it.

by the way i drove by east providence high school and outside they have an electronic board with information about upcoming events, as of last night, it said "NECAP : it IS important" i honestly laughed because it was what we were just talking about in class, but also because is that seriously going to convice a kid into taking it seriously? i dont think thats the right way to go about it.


  1. you should take a picture of that billboard and post it!

  2. EP is where i went to highschool, and clearly they took my not caring and making cute pictures in the bubbles and tried to fix it! haha

  3. Yes Beckah you changed the school DUH your a trendsetter :)