Sunday, October 17, 2010

in the service of what? the politics of service learning ~ Westheimer & Kahne


By finding and engaging in community service activities, Mr. Johnson explained, students would interact with those less fortunate than themselves and would experience the excitement and joy of learning while using the community as a classroom.

its also an eye-opener. growing up in the white middle class neighborhood, i never saw or could even understand how poverty could effect children. i also love the experience, although its not the first time i've  been in the classroom with children, i can personally agree that by using the community as a classroom it's much more benificiary.

This process can transform students' understandings of both disciplinary knowledge and the particular social issues with which they are engaged.

we can talk in class all we want about about the socail issues, but without actual practice theres no way to know whats going on outside our discussions. through service learning we can apply what weve learned to real life situations. putting our knowledge to the test, and then through tiral and error we can better ourselves to become the best teachers we can.

Rather than assume, erroneously, that all educators share the same vision, we think it is better to be explicit about the numerous and different visions that drive the creation and implementation of service learning activities in schools.

no two teachers have the same standards. through service learning we can examine different teachers, teaching styles, and the response of the children to see what works, through yet more trial and error we can observe perfessionals in there own enviornment and take whats working and use it later when we have our own classrooms.

i found an awesome video explaining more on service learning.

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