Sunday, September 26, 2010

richard rodriguez's aria


               after reading richard rodriguez's aria, i was honestly unsure of his point of view on bilingual teaching. i think it had to do with what delpit was talking about. about the anti-"ra ra" diversity. he was, i believe, trying to discuss how the individual should be valued, but they must be taught the public voice. it also could be seen as being taught the rules of power, as delpit discusses in her essay. the individual's private language also cannot be thrown out. teachers need to find that balance between the individual and the "institution".
              the article made me really curious about other opinions on the issue, and what exactly is going on in the schools today? rodriguez only talks about what he knew as a child, frankly i'm not sure what schools still have nuns as teachers, or how long ago he was in schools, and i'd like to imagine that in today’s world more is being done. when looking around on the internet i found this essay that opened my eyes to what the government is really doing to help this issue. apparently, a lot more is being done than i could imagine. and i've never actually been aware of the situation

in class:
why in the world did i not know of this problem, it’s so obvious, and why is it that these children are assumed "slow" and put on different learning tracks?  when it’s not that they cannot communicate well, but that it’s just not in the "correct" language. but again i really enjoyed that essay and it really cleared up a lot of questions i had so you should definitely take a look!

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  1. The same questions came to my mind while I was reading and I also hope to discuss them in class Tuesday!